vendredi 22 août 2014

NOIR - Otherwise Insignificant Psyche Debris

JESSE OSBORNE-LANTHIER (NOIR) - Otherwise Insignificant Psyche Debris

Album available for streaming & purchase HERE

C80 TDK SA High Bias Cassette + premium printed poster and individually hand-numbered and signed j-card, limited to 100 copies.

'Otherwise Insignificant Psyche Debris' is the exaggerated and terminal follow-up to 'Athenaeum of Unedited, Superannuated, Incomplete, Unreleased, Intimate Works, 2011-2013'…

Another selection of live pieces gathered throughout the past years. In this instance the audio was reworked in various studio settings, then replayed in performances and rerecorded as an album. Again, no editing or processing was made after performing the music live, except for the final mastering stage. These works are a snapshot of the progress I've made in implementing myself within the 'working artist / freelancer' framework. Acceptance, avoidance, problem solving, reappraisal, rumination, and suppression focused on dispositional emotion regulation. Generalized problematic internet use to organize and refine the compiled material to account for differences in the content and structure of cognitions within each broad category of the cognitive triad (e.g., beliefs/assumptions related to the self).

Contains remixes by Grischa Lichtenberger (Raster Noton, Semantica), Vereker (L.I.E.S.), Hobo Cubes (Debacle, Digitalis, Opal Tapes), VNDL (Kvitnu, Hymen), Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot, Raster Noton).

Mastered by Vladislav Delay.

Release in conjunction with MIND Records

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