lundi 10 janvier 2011


HUGE THANKS to Brad Rose (Digitalis)
for ranking Hobo Cult Records as the label of the year!

Wow, can't believe it. We had a big year with tons of great releases... thanks to all the bands and all the people who supported the label. Amazing. There's alot more planned, including some special surprises along the way...

"Now, I’d obviously choose Digitalis in a heartbeat if I could but I’m not gonna be that guy who chooses all the stuff he put out as his favorite. I figure that’s assumed. And I’m not gonna choose Type either since he put out two of my records this year. And Stones Throw could win every year by default (hello Madlib), so I won’t go there either. Nope – favorite label of 2010? Motherfucken Hobo Cult. My love affair with all things hobo started at a mere simmer earlier in the year, but Frank Ouellette (Mr. Hobo Cubes himself) just kept upping the ante and upping the ante with each batch. It’s a label that is impossible to pigeonhole and for me that’s what makes a label great. I want releases that come out of absolutely nowhere (see JLK). All over the map? Yes, please. Add in the fact that he has one of the best visual aesthetics around and his Moduli TV video house is cranking out the best videos in the world right now (that’s no hyperbole, it’s fucken true). I have discovered so many great new projects because of Hobo Cult that it’s a bit ridiculous. The talisman of it all is Ouellette’s Hobo Cubes project and most of the other stuff he has a hand in (special mention of his collaboration with Sundrips, Video Diaries – one of the year’s best tapes) including the split Hobo tape with Panabrite (one of the year’s best tapes period); Bernardino Femminielli’s tape was one of the best pieces of drone I heard all year.
Major props."
- Digitalis

Read the whole year-end review HERE

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