mercredi 28 juillet 2010

VIDEO DIARIES - Carryin' On (2010) Fadeaway Tapes

The boys from Sundrips & Hobo Cubes sign each other's yearbooks...

Zero gravity drone commanders fly the long way home with this C-65.

Released by Fadeaway Tapes (Sundrips' Label)
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50 copies / C-65 / Painted Tapes
Color Sleeves Designed by Lee


This is a very amazing collaboration between two insanely great Montreal ensembles: Sundrips (the duo of Ryan Connolly and Nick Maturo) and Hobo Cubes (one Frank Ouellette). I know that “amazing” and “insanely great” are pretty huge adjectives, but I’m telling you that this trio delivers. These players together are practically unstoppable, slathering the stratosphere with waves of synthesizer goo and guitars that peal like bells.

Released on Sundrips’ own Fadeaway Tapes imprint, “Carryin’ On” revels in weirdo bliss. The moods emanating from VD home base range from contemplative, to unsettling to just plain otherworldly (if that can even be considered a mood). These psychedelic rangers spray every inch of this C65 with their alien tones, separating each side into a few different movements. Straddling the incredibly fine (and perhaps non-existent) line between noise and drone, Video Diaries encapsulate melody and ululation within a shimmering, textured hum that shifts constantly between outright noise and ecstatic glee. But realistically, the music is far more complex and moving than even my shameless brand of hyperbole can describe. Bottom line: Video Diaries have unleashed an epic monster of a release. 10/10.
- Digitalis

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