mercredi 7 juillet 2010

HOBO CUBES - Glass Dream Fusion (2010) Brise-Cul Records

Hobo Cubes activates liquid time travel towards lo-fi light dimensions. Meditational atmospheres, abstract prayers, arpeggiated disfunctions...
Flight of the unknown.

Grab a copy here: Brise-Cul Records

35 minutes / CD-R
Laser Printed Color Sleeve
Spraypainted CDs

1) Eternal Shrine Meditation
2) Subconscious Flight
3) Heliocentric Jungle
4) Celestial Speeds
5) Ancient Realms
6) Black Mind Hex
7) Invisible Rivers
8) The Gatekeeper
9) Haunted Hearts
10) Reaching Infinity
11) Terminal Sequence
12) Astral Transmission
13) Tunnel To The Pantheon
14) Lost In The Diamond Swamp


I love when new kids emerge and bring a new draft of energy in the scene. Hobo Cubes is one of the new torch bearers of the Montreal experimental underground scene. Also a member of Velvet Chrome and running his insanely great label, this project is dirty new school new age with a big solar and tenseful atmosphere. Perfect for your summer homicide cleanup… Seriously a name to not forget for the near future…
- Brise-Cul Records

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